Truck on freeway

Cargo Chief, a Merita Consulting client, closed $10 million in funding from Walden Venture Capital, Hunt Technology Ventures and the GrowthX Fund. “This round of funding will accelerate the continued development of our intelligent platform and bolster our sales and marketing, while also supporting our new offices in the Midwest,” said Cargo Chief CEO Russell Jones. “We look forward to raising a final expansion round in first half of 2016.”

Jones’ shipping experiences as CEO of ClearVox Communications, an electronics manufacturer, helped shape the idea for Cargo Chief:

“We couldn’t shop freight buys without spending a significant amount of time. We were told on some days there were no trucks available when we knew there were, and most importantly, a truck would leave our warehouse in San Jose for Best Buy—our most visible customer—but we had no idea where the truck was or when it would get there. We started Cargo Chief to solve these problems,” said Jones.